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•April 19, 2010 • 2 Comments

Finally, I make an appearance!

So, my internet has been out, I’m not just MIA.  Not sure what the problem is, but I’m looking at solutions, meanwhile.  Please don’t forget I exist!  Lol, I ❤ you all, and will do my best Wednesday to get to a connection and get something out there.

See you all soon <3!


Spring Cleaning!

•April 5, 2010 • 2 Comments

Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time of the year… the summer bug is heading out way and spring brings the cleaning frenzy to get ready!  I got a bit of that bug today, spent a good few hours deep cleaning my worries away, lol.  And then, I came on SL to do the same.

I’m not crazy though… and cleaning the horror I call my inventory is a task I do not wish to take on.  So instead, I go through my new stuff with filters, and see what I havent worn yet, piece it together, and delete anything I wont wear… to try to help my inventory from getting even more out of hand.  Just such things brought me to this outfit!  I pieced and puzzled until the look was complete, and here I have it to share with you.

BOOM, has made my heart do just that… with these adorably fantastic new release ankle socks, as well as this cute little mini dress.  The dress (- the sports bra) shows plenty of cleavages, to wow anyone you please.  With strategically placed slits on the hips, the new BOOM goods are sure to please!

And fri.day!!!! has come out with some new goods too!  I’ll def be showing you more of them, but among them are this fabulous skinny waist belt… in a plethora of colors at a reasonable price its the perfect addition to every inventory.

I added one of the new Truth releases and some perfectly placed lip piercings from .HoD. for a final touch, along with some bangles from Emery, a band-aid from Reek, some Solar Eyewear glasses, and a K&Co Sportsbra!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: >TRUTH< Leona – espresso

Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Atria

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Beach-Seafoam 2

Piercings: – .HoD. – Hopeless Piercing – Shadowed

Bra: *K&CO* Half Tank Sports Wear – Black

Dress: *BOOM* 15-Love (grey/lime)

Bracelets: Emery – Love Rock Set #Yell

Belt: fri. – Lucid.Belt (Yellow) – Med

Socks: *BOOM* Cuffed socks lime

Bandaid: Reek – Bandaids – Kailiana Dots


Ready For Some Sun!!

•April 3, 2010 • 1 Comment

Ready For Some Sun!!

And here comes look number 2 of the new @ Surf Co preview!  It’s all out now, and of the goods there is this adorably retro one piece bathing suit, this totally cute tied wide waist floral belt, and, these as previously seen simple summer wedges!

I did a little more mix and match with some Emery Sunglasses, a Milk Motion canvas bag – which is totally cute and has several animations/poses built in, and some fri. simple beach blond piggies.  This will be a quick blog, really meant to show you more of what can be done with these beautiful new Surf Co releases!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: fri. – Adriana – Moody Brown

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] June-Geranium 1

Glasses: /emery/ *Las vegas sunglasses*

Bag: (Milk Motion) My tote bag *couple*

Bathing Suit: [SC] Surf Couture – Seaside One Piece – Plum

Belt: [SC] Surf Couture – Clothbound Bow Belt – Gray

Bracelet: [si:n] leather bracelet left

Bandaid: Reek – Bandaids – Plain – Right Leg (Socks)

Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Spring Fling Wedges – Gray

Sand Shack does it again!

•April 3, 2010 • 1 Comment

Just thought I’d give you a peek at the new Surf Co releases.

Sand Shack does it again!

I’ll do this over 2 blogs, this being the first one. I love it, sort of a retro casual boho flair.  I know… does that even make sense?  It does to me so go with it.  You can’t deny a fashion hoard her uber psychotic rantings. ❤

Really though, while Emma has never disappointed me, this new dress she released, along with the belt, and the shoes… is WAY better than I could have hoped for.  At first I was a tad nervous with all the sculpted attachments… but soon, my nerves were put at ease.  This is way too cute to pass up!  The dress, shoes, and belt come in MANY color options, all easy to mix and match. Virtually no modifications were necessary, even for my abnormally small and curvy shape.  I tossed on a few of my favorites with it, including this adorable pipe from Sanu, available at the Spring Bazaar and these uber awesome glasses from Solar Eyewear – fully HUD driven with sooooooo many options.  The rest you’ll have to read below to see.

All poses used for this (and most) posts on Fashion Hoard are compliments of my store *Sh33k!.  Check it out here and help support your local Fashion Hoards rotten shopping habits!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: fri. – Amelia – Cynical Black

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Beach-Seahorse 1

Glasses: ::Solar Eyewear:: Glasses :: ATRIA

Pipe: *Sanu Pipe Garden Purple SPRING BAZAAR ITEM

Necklace: [AddiCt]Treasured Peacock Necklace

Dress: [SC] Surf Couture – Sway Sundress – Earth

Belt: [SC] Surf Couture – Brass Rings Leather Belt – Green

Tattoo: *SL* Kanji Tattoo v2 2

Bracelets: [LeLutka] – Sam Bracelet

Bandaid: Reek – Bandaids – Plain – Right Leg (Socks)

Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Spring Fling Wedges – Moss

Pose fair heads up!

•April 2, 2010 • 1 Comment

As many of you know, not only do I blog, but I recently began a small pose shop in world, *Sh33k.

As you may also know, today, April 2 was the official opening of the 2010 Pose Fair.

[Insert big smile here]

If you havent been, you simply must stop by… the sim is looking AMAZING!  Over 100 vendors have come together with their poses, animations, props, dances, and the such… joining forces to help raise L for a bigger cause.  Each vendor has at least… AT LEAST… 1 item out for 50% profit to Motivation (the charity of choice).  Some have multiple items out, or even 100% profit share.

Let’s be frank here… in SL we constantly take snapshots, photos, profile shots, profile pick pics, make cards, make vendors, animate furniture, lay out poseballs, dance at clubs etc… we need the great (and even not so great) animators and posers of SL to do this.

*Sh33k Poses (my shop) has released 10 poses amounting to 2 full packs, and 2 couple poses each donating 50% of proceeds to Motivation.  We have also released 1 Pose with a donation script, its uber cute and allows itself to be purchased for anywhere 1L and up… 100% of profits to Motivation.

Stop by the *Sh33k blog here for more info or bigger pics…

And Stop by the shop @ the Pose Fair for all the goodies and to help a good cause!

o.O @ The Spring Bazaaar!

•March 31, 2010 • 1 Comment

A kind birdy… thank you Emily… reminded me to stop by the Spring Bazaar… what a pleasant surprise.

o.O @ The Spring Bazaar!

Typically, at such bazaars, fairs, and the whatnot… I find a handful of things I like, buy them, and forget I have them.  Not the case at the Spring Bazaar… I spent way more than I would like to admit… And, I’ll show you some of the goods over the next few days.  That way… you can run over and grab some for yourself before it’s too late!  Remember… everything is 50L or under, AND there are tons of eggs hidden around the set up for free or 1L with goodies stuffed inside!

Now, Spring Bazaar lasts from March 28 – April 11 (thanks Magen).  So, you have some time to meander that way.  But, when you do, make sure you stop at the [astraia] booth, for this adorable halter, skirt… and these matching cute ruffled sandals.  The Halter and Skirt come together, in 3 different prints, each available for 50 L.  The Sandals, come in 3 matching color sets, each for 50 L as well.  A cute outfit, complete for 100L? No brainer.  This bag, is an adorable release from rbcg – I’ve always been a fan of her cute creations, and this one doesn’t disappoint.  It comes in a pack of 3 colors (blue, black, brown) for 50 L total. And… It’s animated to be held. Hard to see in this photo, are my adorable blue flower drop earrings, and… a tiny blue flower in my mouth, both FREE in eggs from Sanu… definitely something to grab up.  Tossed on this cherry blossom bracelet from HooT… not a fair gift, have to go to the store for this one, sorry ladies and gents… and some truth hair to complete the look.

All poses used for this (and most) posts on Fashion Hoard are compliments of my store *Sh33k!.  Check it out here and help support your local Fashion Hoards rotten shopping habits!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: >TRUTH< Camilla – night

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] June-Geranium 1

Earrings: *Sanu Spring Bazaar Earring (Gift 1/3)

Flower in mouth: *Sanu Tiny Mouth Flower (Gift 3/3)

Halter: [astraia] LE Yellow Dots Set

Bracelet: =HooT= Cherry Blossom Bracelet (One Blue Sky)

Bag: rbcg.school bag (blue)

Skirt: [astraia] LE Yellow Dots Set

Shoes: [astraia] Ruffle Sandals – Blue/Yellow

New Stuff!

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Over @ *Sh33k – take a look ❤