Me? Ok…

Fashion Hoard

A little about myself? Hmmm… well, that’s not too hard I suppose.  In SL, I go by Shay Savon.  Ive been gracing the grid with my presence for nearly 4 years now.  With projects of interest in SL diminishing, I’ve turned to Blogging by recommendation of several close friends. Photography is my thing, followed closely by a severe addiction to collecting anything and everything that SL designers have to offer… well… anything minus the bling of course. I’ve began to dabble in pose making among other ranndom stuff, and have opened a shop called Sh33k.  Check it out in world if you want to support the addictive habbits of an SL shopaholic and fashion hoard.

I truly do appreciate all the support and kindness from all of you. Never did I expect this big of a take off when I began this little project. Still new, I hope for so much more from myself and the blog. Any feedback my readers can offer is greatly appreciated, Just leave me a comment, or shoot me an IM in world. Thank you all again. ❤

That being said, I’ll keep this short and sweet, take a look around, I hope you find something you like.  It’s great seeing you! Come back soon!

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