Pose fair heads up!

As many of you know, not only do I blog, but I recently began a small pose shop in world, *Sh33k.

As you may also know, today, April 2 was the official opening of the 2010 Pose Fair.

[Insert big smile here]

If you havent been, you simply must stop by… the sim is looking AMAZING!  Over 100 vendors have come together with their poses, animations, props, dances, and the such… joining forces to help raise L for a bigger cause.  Each vendor has at least… AT LEAST… 1 item out for 50% profit to Motivation (the charity of choice).  Some have multiple items out, or even 100% profit share.

Let’s be frank here… in SL we constantly take snapshots, photos, profile shots, profile pick pics, make cards, make vendors, animate furniture, lay out poseballs, dance at clubs etc… we need the great (and even not so great) animators and posers of SL to do this.

*Sh33k Poses (my shop) has released 10 poses amounting to 2 full packs, and 2 couple poses each donating 50% of proceeds to Motivation.  We have also released 1 Pose with a donation script, its uber cute and allows itself to be purchased for anywhere 1L and up… 100% of profits to Motivation.

Stop by the *Sh33k blog here for more info or bigger pics…

And Stop by the shop @ the Pose Fair for all the goodies and to help a good cause!


~ by fashionhoard on April 2, 2010.

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