o.O @ The Spring Bazaaar!

A kind birdy… thank you Emily… reminded me to stop by the Spring Bazaar… what a pleasant surprise.

o.O @ The Spring Bazaar!

Typically, at such bazaars, fairs, and the whatnot… I find a handful of things I like, buy them, and forget I have them.  Not the case at the Spring Bazaar… I spent way more than I would like to admit… And, I’ll show you some of the goods over the next few days.  That way… you can run over and grab some for yourself before it’s too late!  Remember… everything is 50L or under, AND there are tons of eggs hidden around the set up for free or 1L with goodies stuffed inside!

Now, Spring Bazaar lasts from March 28 – April 11 (thanks Magen).  So, you have some time to meander that way.  But, when you do, make sure you stop at the [astraia] booth, for this adorable halter, skirt… and these matching cute ruffled sandals.  The Halter and Skirt come together, in 3 different prints, each available for 50 L.  The Sandals, come in 3 matching color sets, each for 50 L as well.  A cute outfit, complete for 100L? No brainer.  This bag, is an adorable release from rbcg – I’ve always been a fan of her cute creations, and this one doesn’t disappoint.  It comes in a pack of 3 colors (blue, black, brown) for 50 L total. And… It’s animated to be held. Hard to see in this photo, are my adorable blue flower drop earrings, and… a tiny blue flower in my mouth, both FREE in eggs from Sanu… definitely something to grab up.  Tossed on this cherry blossom bracelet from HooT… not a fair gift, have to go to the store for this one, sorry ladies and gents… and some truth hair to complete the look.

All poses used for this (and most) posts on Fashion Hoard are compliments of my store *Sh33k!.  Check it out here and help support your local Fashion Hoards rotten shopping habits!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: >TRUTH< Camilla – night

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] June-Geranium 1

Earrings: *Sanu Spring Bazaar Earring (Gift 1/3)

Flower in mouth: *Sanu Tiny Mouth Flower (Gift 3/3)

Halter: [astraia] LE Yellow Dots Set

Bracelet: =HooT= Cherry Blossom Bracelet (One Blue Sky)

Bag: rbcg.school bag (blue)

Skirt: [astraia] LE Yellow Dots Set

Shoes: [astraia] Ruffle Sandals – Blue/Yellow


~ by fashionhoard on March 31, 2010.

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