Valerian @ Plastik

(Pictured Above: [Plastik]-Valerian-Nautica)

Aikea Rieko has done it again!

Now…. for those of you who don’t know, Valerian is a naturally occurring herb, often formed into capsules.  It is taken as a natural sedative often for enhancing sleep and such.  Why do I point this out?  Well, after seeing this sexy lingerie from Plastik, named Valerian… I think it might do just the opposite and prevent sleep… if you know what I mean! Bow chicka…

(Pictured Above: [Plastik]-Valerian-Praise; [Plastik]-Valerian-Heartache; [Plastik]-Valerian-Black; [Plastik]-Valerian-Splatter)

As seen in the first picture, Valerian comes with two styles of bottoms, the thong, and the shorts.  The thong by far is my favorite, but for those more modest moments, the shorts are way adorable too!  What I love on this set, is the lace inset.  Often with pixels and SL textures, lace looks choppy, blurry, low quality, pick your poison.  But here with this set, the lace is magnificently detailed!I love the messy tied and knotted wrapping.  All in all, this set is a win win with me.  And, assuming that praise isn’t enough for you to run on over (or tp) and grab up a few pair of your own… lets look at the versatility possibilities.  No nipples showing, no sheer crotches, full coverage cups, shorts option, thong option… this set of undies could easily double as a bikini.  In fact, I would wear this to the beach without a second thought.  Another thing to take into consideration with this set, is that also available/included is a pair of briefs for your boy.  Cue all of those matchy matchy Valentines I love you photos and cards.  Now, since I am not a man… you have to just stop by Plastik and see the briefs for yourself!

Here’s your Limo:


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~ by fashionhoard on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Valerian @ Plastik”

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  2. i Love your blog ^^
    nice style 😉
    btw, this lingerie fits you perfectly XD

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