*Sh33k! Pick Your Pose Challenge!

So, I’ve been thinking about this Pose Fair… Oh… Pose Fair? you may say….  well, take a look!


“Pose Fair 2010 is a fair dedicated to poses, animations, aos, etc. There are so many fairs already – why can’t we have our own?!
We will be supporting the charity Motivation – a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support. A mobility charity is so appropriate to the work we do within Second Life, and we hope you agree!
You can find more information about Motivation here -> http://www.motivation.org.uk/”


*Sh33k Poses & Random Stuff wanted to do something neat for pose fair, so I asked a good friend Kalia Meiklejohn of SLShopaholic to pick 5 poses, send me pics, so I could create a pack to sell, where proceeds would at least in part go to Motivation, the charity benefiting from the Pose Fair.

But why stop there?

Let’s make this interesting… A CHALLENGE FOR YOU READERS!

Simply respond on the *Sh33k Blog in comment, or send me a notecard in world… Include your name and a photo of a pose – RL only please, no thieving the creativity of other SLers.  If I choose your pose to create (and I hope to make many), I will send you a copy for free.  The poses will be released at the Fair in packs and singles – at least 50% of proceeds going to Motivation.

This could go either really well, or really bad… just depends how much you all get motivated!  You send em, I’ll make em!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… feel free to spread the word, pass this info to a friend, whatever you like… we are in this for the greater good!

*Sh33k Blog to respond to!


~ by fashionhoard on March 16, 2010.

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