The Morning After…

Warning!!! Picture Heavy Post Ahead!!!!

MudHoney - Rouge Getaway Photoble

What a beauty of a photoble.  I was lucky enough to get a peek at this creation, and a chance to share it with you guys.  I decided to do a “Morning After” post, showing a rather eventful Valentines night in retrospect.  No, I didn’t really make out and take pics… this is a blog people! Use your imaginations! ❤

First, Let me share My look:

I wanted something overwhelmingly adorable, I don’t pull off  saucy and sexy as well as freakishly cute.  So I went with a few simple pieces like these striped undies from Urbanity and this statement jewelry from $GaNKeD$.  Add a Curio Cupid Skin, the free group gift Shag hair, and some bright red Maitreya pumps, and its a look worthy of any bedroom.  The balloon… maybe not so much, but it’s darn cute and was a gift from none other than my male model today, Mr. ZCal Decosta.

Let’s focus on this photoble I mentioned.  Rayvn Hynes has wowed me many a time with her creations over at MudHoney Designs, but this one takes the cake.  The Rouge Getaway is a hot, sexy, and incredibly well detailed set, with 3 single female, 3 single male, and 7 couples poses.  Since I’m a photographer on the side, I jumped at the chance to blog this item and have fun with the photos, take a look:

As you can see with the set, which is so well textured, very minimal photoshopping is required for a fairly decent and fun outcome.  I didn’t spend hours detailing and editing, and still, they look great.  It’s the magic of a well made set.  What I loved was the fact that the poses didn’t take tons of editing to make work.  Since MudHoney works with Glitterati for these Photobles, this doesn’t surprise me at all, Katey Coppola’s poses are always flawlessly fitted to my size avies and not giant Amazonian gladiators.

Bottom line, if you do photos, want to, or have a ❤ you wanna experiment with… this is the set for you.  Hop on over to MudHoney or Glitterati and take a look!

Limo to MudHoney

Limo to Glitterati

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: [Shag Women’s Group Gift] – La La Love Me (hair) Onyx

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Cupid-Kissy Face 2

Lingerie: *UB* Angelina Underwear *sailor*

Necklace: $GaNKeD$ Rocklove Necklace

Bracelets: $GaNKeD$ Rocklove Bracelet

Shoes: Maitreya Verve Pumps – Red

Balloon: balloon (R Hand)

What ZCal Decosta is Wearing:

Hair: “FA” Find Ash High Wind[Neo Black]

Skin: Damiani Liam Clean Eyeliner Natural

Glasses: LOCO POCOS: Stylish Glasses

Boxers: Armidi – Classic Midrise Boxers – Red

Cuff: The GL – Rogue Cuff – Black – R


~ by fashionhoard on February 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Morning After…”

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  2. ♥ this post. the photoble is just awesome. mudhoney never fails to amaze me.

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