Vive9 Deals!

Vive9 has some awesome deals going right now, and I couldn’t possibly sit back without making sure you <3’s knew all about them! Take a look:
First of all, currently at all 4 Vive9 locations, there is One makeup option of the new Lulu skin marked down to 300L.

Shown above from top to bottom, left to right: (vive9) Lulu [caramel] Sunny; (vive9) Lulu [apricot] Tomkat; (vive9) Lulu [caramel] Gypsy; (vive9) Lulu [apricot] Miami.

Each skin is available in 4 tones fair, apricot, caramel, toffee.  I’ve shown you two of the available tones above, on the left is caramel, and the right is apricot.  Each skin comes in dark and light brow options, and hairbase and no hairbase options.  The Miami skin even comes with a tan lines option, lol.  Too cute!


Next thing to mention: The lucky chairs at the main store location! They are uber cute and shaped as toilets!  Make sure you join the group to get access to both seats.

(vive9) Pale Marianne Giftie; (vive9) Tan Marianne Giftie

There are two gifts cycling through the chairs, The pale, and tan versions of the Marianne gift.  It is so well detailed, look close, each skin comes with freckles, and even a … teeth peek option! Just far too adorable if you ask me.


Now, if you thought that was it… you were way wrong.  When you join the group like I told you to do for those lucky chairs, you will get access to a group gift skin, also quite nice.

(vive9) Carrot Group Gift

So, If this doesn’t give you enough of a reason to run over to Vive9 – ALL locations, I don’t know what will!

Bus Station:

Vive9 Main Store (lulu tomcat & lucky chairs)

Vive9 Miami (lulu miami)

Vive9 Sunny (lulu sunny)

Vive9 Black Market (lulu gypsy)

Also Worn: fri. – Draped.Back Sweater (Black); fri. – Yelena – Cynical Black


~ by fashionhoard on February 10, 2010.

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