Something for the MEN!

And women too I suppose…
I’ve wanted to do a man post for a while now… but… I’m lazy and didn’t feel like converting Shay to a man, or buying all new shit for an alt.  Thus cue grabbing the guy friends.  Since I’m uber picky, it narrowed it down to a few, and knowing Mac here (Mac Heron) has a flair for fashion (when I say flair I should specify he is straight, and taken, sorry ladies and gents) , along with much of the grids top designs it was a no brainer.  Thanks to him for putting up with me long enough to get these shots! ❤

What made this shoot so easy, is that when Mac showed up… he was ready, I didn’t have to change anything!  Men with fashion sense are so underrated on the grid!

The first thing I’d really like to point out with Mac’s look, is his skin.  AtomicBambi recently released a line of man skins, and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.  The moment I saw them I knew I wanted to blog them one way or another.  Lucky for me Mac already had one, so I didnt have convince him to spend precious L.   The skins are really well made, and not too pretty boy like many male skins out there.  They have a very natural shading to them, I did my best to show some angles here.  The skin is a bargain, with 8 versions per pack, combinations of bald, hair base , freckles, and body hair.

Another thing… his shirt.  The first thing I commented on when he arrived.  If this would fit me well, I’d so wear it.  Erm… but for you manly men it’s still way manly enough for you and you can ignore that a chic just said she’d wear it… kkthnx.  It is very well made though, and the shading is perfect.  With sculpted stomach and collar (also sleeves which aren’t shown in this picture), it’s one of the nicest guy pieces I’ve seen in some time.

As for the rest, we’ll skip ahead and let you take a look for yourself.

3 cheers for Mac!!! Maybe we can convince him to come back again! Woot!

What Mac is Wearing:

Hair: Uw.St – Tony

Skin: AtomicBambi-Christian-Pale-SCRATCH

Cigarette: FNKY! Cigarette II

Shirt: +grasp+/Layered Shirts/Balck+Dot_black

Pants: Zoobong !ZB:Sehk Jeans (black)

Shoes: 2REAL_Diagonal_10

Tats: *Trailerstar* Ink


~ by fashionhoard on February 8, 2010.

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