Cute as a Button!

Oh man, when I heard about them… I got all excited.  When I saw them, I nearly asploded!  Urbanity has released a new skin line, Cute as a Button, and I got my hands on a pack to give you a peek!

The skin comes in 4 different skin tones.  Each skin tone then comes in 7 different makeups!  Each makeup then comes in 2 different versions, a freckled, and a nonfreckled face.


Take a peek at the freckled vs. non comparison:

Ok… now look close and see if you can guess my FAVORITE addition to the skin… closer… closer… keep looking… thats right! Those darn dimples… right there on either side of the mouth, they are way too cute.  I guess thats part of how they got the name eh?

The lips are all very natural and glossed, and the eyelids are very detailed, a nice addition to an already nice skin.  The brows are another thing I truly love about it, they aren’t too thin, and aren’t too thick… they are perfectly waxed… something I have come to appreciate.

I had no trouble adjusting my shape to fit the skin to my liking, and the skins come with a shape for those more mod challenged.

Long story short, go grab a demo or two and try before you buy… but definitely buy. ❤

Take a Limo to Urbanity!

Also worn in the photos:

Hair: fri. – Dylan – Cynical Black

Earrings: * (creamshop) Glam earring (black) (AD)

Scarf: (Creamshop) Check Charm Stole (grey)

Shirt: *UB* Wool Dress *dark gray*


~ by fashionhoard on February 8, 2010.

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