Rockberry does V-day!

I just had to do a separate post for these skins. A little birdy whispered my way yesterday and told me to check these out… so I did.

ROCKBERRY Valentines Special Skins!

I ❤ them so hard!

Top to bottom, left to right:

[ROCKBERRY] Luan >Flirt< light TINT/DK/CLV

[ROCKBERRY] Luan >Flirt< natural TINT/DK/CLV

[ROCKBERRY] Luan >Flirt< tan TINT/DK/CLV

[ROCKBERRY] Luan >Flirt< dark TINT/CLV

50 L each! That’s FIFTY… I know, hard to believe.  4 skin tones, each with cleavage options, and brow color options.  And, If that isn’t enough… these adorable lips are TINTABLE!

Look at the adorable ❤ of lipstick on your lips, how could you pass this up?

Remember… 50L… you can’t possibly go TOO wrong.

Take a Limo Here ❤ ROCKBERRY


~ by fashionhoard on February 7, 2010.

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