AtomicBambi does it again!

Le Cirque Special Skin

She’s done it again! AtomicSparkle blows me away every time.  Her skins are cute and chic, not overdone or too high fashion.  I ❤ them!  So, I’ve decided to do a special on her new releases, starting with the Le Cirque APPLE Pale Edition – A special skin made for her store move to the Le Cirque Sim.  I’m quite frightened of clowns in actuality, so for me to don a skin like this must mean I’m thoroughly impressed by it!

Let’s take a look at the true gem of her collection, the newly released APPLE skin line:

Sunblush Shade – Dark Brows

With five makeup options, four are shown here(top to bottom, left to right) Juicy, Ocean, Pure, Siren (Allure also available)… it’s an incredibly flexible skin for any look. Cute, sultry, adorable, fiery… you can’t fail.  The makeups all come with both a freckled/not freckled version, a glossy lips/matte lips version, and 3 shades of eyebrows – dark, light, red… along with combinations there of.  Take a look at the freckles comparison:

Freckled on the left, Not Freckled on the right.

You can also see the difference between the lips (gloss vs not) in the photos above.

As far as the body goes, It is fair to say, the shading is simpler than some skins out there… but to me, that is not at all a bad thing!  I find that some skin makers get happy with the burn tool, AtomicBambi does not do this at all.  Upon close inspection, not a single seam was found.  The pubic area is fairly sprinkled with hair, and not baby bare, another thing I like.  Have a look yourself:

Click for bigger 🙂

All in all I give this skin line a big two thumbs up!  I absolutely love it and will definitely be wearing it more in the future.

Take a Limo to AtomicBambi here

Also worn in the photos:

Hat: AtomicBambi-Hat-Le Cirque Maitresse

Hair Corsage: AtomicBambi Hair Corsage – Munich

Hair: >TRUTH< Stacie –  black & whites

Eyes: Pulse-Avanti Eyes


~ by fashionhoard on January 31, 2010.

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