Peekaboo?  If you could see the way my asscrack hangs out of these fabulous *UB* jeans you would understand.  Oh wait… you can!  Just look below at my butt cleavage, makes you all giddy doesn’t it?  Speaking of cleavage… I have it going on in more places than the bum thanks to Urbanity and SU!  Take a look:Peekaboo 2

A few key pieces of this look.  First of all, *UB*’s new releases: The grey tee (middle layer) and these dangerously low-cut jeans, appropriately named “Drop That”.  I never cease to be amazed by Trixi Wuyts creations.  To compliment the Urbanity goods, I stopped by SU!  Suicidal Unborn  is another one of those stores that will perpetually wow you with the creativity and color selection.  I grabbed up this sheer accented tank, and the cropped jacket which fits perfectly over the Urbanity Tee.  A quick stop by none other than *LC* scored me this necklace and this uber cute and totally cheap pokerface nomnom.  The shoes, are new from 2REAL Footwear.  They are completely HUD driven texture change, so one pair could match 48572876 outfits… or more.  Last but not least, worth mentioning my favorite of eye adornment shops, DUBOO.  They have a new main store, and if you join the subscribo… you get these wonderfully simple glasses.  I love them so hard.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Maitreya Nimue – Bistre

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Beach-Crude 2

Glasses: DUBOO*Choucream glasses [Black] (wear me!)

Cards in mouth: *LC* – Pokerface NomNom’s (AD)

Necklace: *LC* E (C!) – Luck Necklace & NomNom (AD)

Jacket: -SU!- Amy Jacket

Shirt: *UB* Mini Shirt *dark gray*

Undershirt: -SU!- Elea Tank Black

Bracelets: [LeLutka] – Sam Bracelet

Ring: Keyboard 4FingerRing R [small]

Jeans: *UB* Drop That Pants *black*



~ by fashionhoard on January 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Peekaboo!”

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  2. I don’t care how well made they are, jeans/pants/whatever cut that low get a resounding “Blech!” from me every time. I’m mystified by the popularity of this SL fad…it’s not cute or sexy, just tacky.

    • It’s good to have a variety of opinions on the look. I’m glad you decided to share yours. Don’t worry, the great thing about SL is that if you don’t like it or it isn’t your thing, you don’t have to don your pixels with its magnificent detail. Thanks again for your input and have a good one 🙂

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