Holy Cleavage!

Holy Cleavage!

Woah Papa!  Back on up there.  Not only do boobs bounce now?!?!… but they have killer cleavage too?!?!  This is that, “Oh officer are you suuuure I was speeding?” pose.  Cleavage attention and all. Too bad I can’t bat my pixellated eyelashes… yet.

I absolutely adore this new tank from SK Designs, it is without a doubt perfectly detailed.  With a chain garter and an extremely low-cut neckline, it shows off the boobages big time.  Speaking of that chest… finally… there is a breast enhancer for Curio skins… and no, it isn’t by GP.  CK Winx of Linc has released a line of breast enhancers made specifically to fit all curio skins.  Wow!  Now you can wear that push up bra and… be pushed up!  While I was at Luck Inc, I grabbed these jeans, a perfect match for the look, especially when paired with these SOREAL sneakers.  The jeans come with a low-rise, and even lower “my arse is hanging out, woah!” version.  New from Truth this week is this do, complete with color changing pressure clips, a total of 4 decorate your head.  Tattoo from Linc, cuffs from ETD, and glasses from DUBOO complete the look.  Enjoy <3.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: >TRUTH< Patrice – espresso

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Beach-Seafoam 2

Tattoo: *SL* Kanji Tattoo 1

Breast Enhancer: *Linc* Breast Enhancer exclusive for Curio Skins Acorn Ton

Glasses: DUBOO*Choucream glasses [2]

Shirt: :SK Designs: Cthulhu Outfit (Garnet)

Bracelets: ETD Leather Plate Wristband (Brown) RT; ETD Leather Plate Wristband (Silver) LT

Jeans: *Linc* Low Rise Asscrack Jeans Stripes

Shoes: SOREAL Superstars RED/White (SSP007)

This post dedicated to my Kalooloo who happily resides in my cleavages!


~ by fashionhoard on January 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “Holy Cleavage!”

  1. I’m totally diggin on that top! You look great 🙂

  2. boobage enhancers are *thumbs up
    very cute outfit. i especially love the jeans.

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  4. OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS… i wish i had some of these items in rl esp the shoes.

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