Okay bloggers… <3

Todays Goal: Make new friends! (cheesy I know) Bear with me my fashion friendly fellow SLers.

This is my third month on the blogging grid… I think it’s about time I focus some on the filling out my side bar.  At the moment, I am linked to very few blogs, and vice versus, therefore… here is my proposition.  Any bloggers who would like (or wouldn’t mind) to exchange links for the blogroll, please leave me a comment with a link to your blog via this entry, and I’ll add away!  Only thing I would ask is that you help a newbie blogger such as myself and add me too (insert cute innocent smile here).  I thank you all again for the advice and support I’ve received.  HAve a brilliant day <3.

I am open to blogs, designers, and even feeds.  Just let me know!


~ by fashionhoard on January 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Okay bloggers… <3”

  1. Thank you to all the feedback thus far, Added! ❤

  2. added, added, and added ❤

  3. I´m happy to link you back 🙂 youre pictures are pretty and I like your blog style 🙂 one thing I noticed you like things to nomnom on 🙂 mouthbuddies that is
    Love your work – keep it up
    I´m adding you as we speak
    Dudda Susa from MissSusasSecondLife.blogspot.com

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