FAIR WARNING: If you are not a fan of ranting… scroll down to the photo and what I’m wearing section… you won’t liek the rest. ❤

Something fairly new to the grid, which I truly hate the ignorance behind, is anti-inspect orbs.  I really  only see two reasons why people use them…

1: They are so full of themselves, they feel that EVERYONE is out to steal their style, and need to hide behind the orb to keep from looking like the masses (which they probably already do)

2: Something on them is not completely… legit? shall we say, and they feel the need to hide the creator name from the general public as not to face the wrath of the Lindens.

Either way…. lose lose.  Especially, since they are COMPLETELY useless.  With that handy derender pie tab now offered, it is so easy to derender that pesky – lag tastic – bulky creation, and get back down to the nitty-gritty.  Inspect away chief!

I faced this situation recently, rather than derendering immediately, I simply IMed the person wearing it, and asked if they would mind sharing where the item was from (Lelutka ladies and gents)… and was responded to with a simple Nope, and a conversation that amounted to nothing, cause, grammar and the general English language obviously are not something worthy of occupying this persons brain.  In the future, DERENDER DERENDER DERENDER.  It is the only way, assuming there is a human behind that orb is not always the case, and IMing often results in useless banter.

There’s no fooling SL, inspecting is what the economy and the designers of the grid depend on, or part of it at least.  I can’t begin to guess how much of my inventory is result of a successful inspection.  No reason to hurt the brilliant designers of SL in order to keep your originality, which, if someone knows how to use the inspect option, they probably know how to use derender, and your originality shall be ruined in a matter of a tp anyhow.

Best of luck with your endeavors.

Now, please enjoy this vampyric soldier look that I created thanks to derender>inspect, and no thanks to kindness or humanity.

I don’t really hate people so much, just rudeness. ❤ you all.

(not meant to offend anyone who uses anti-inspect for reasons that I may be unable to fathom, as long as you are polite about it, more power to ya)

Thank you for tolerating my rambling.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: fri. – Melanie.2 – Cynical Black

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Winter-Black Ice 2

Jacket: [LeL.Ultra]-POSTAL_black (Lelutka Sim)

Pants: [Pink] Director High Waist Pant – black

Tattoo: *Linc* Wraps Tattoo

Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

Earrings: *KL* Large Creoles Nina Silver



~ by fashionhoard on January 6, 2010.

11 Responses to “Anti-Inspect?”

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  2. LOL. Idk whats the derender thing you are speaking about, but when that happens, you know what i do? i use my camming skills to select every single object they are wearing, write down the full names of the objects followed by the creators and send them an IM with it. I can only laugh imagining their faces behind their screen, or maybe their heads beating on the keyboard with such a fail? LOL.. anyway, im glad theres people thinking like me, even more after my last post wich is kinda about the same you are talking about, u might wanna check out:

  3. yeah the anti inspect is totally pointless because you can just cam in and inspect. It doesn’t work with ao’s so for example if someones ao puts them in a wierd position, the orb can lift off the feet so ya can see the shoes. From most of the people I’ve inspected that use the anti inspect, most have copied items, usually hair. I never thought of derendering the anti inspect. lol

  4. Bugs the hell outta me too! sheild wearers either have to be wearing ripped stuff or so far up their own ass that they can pop out their own eyeballs. I think only the deluded reply to a polite query with a “no”….they must have sad real lives.

  5. I’m so glad I’m not alone in this pixelated world. ❤

  6. a lot of the people who use those shields are trying to hide something stolen, so even derendering usually leads to finding prims with botter names instead of real creators.

    as a creator myself i feel insulted by people who would not want to say where they purchased something. how are we supposed to get more customers if people can’t find out where to buy stuff?

    rant aside i wanted to say that i LOVE this outfit.

    • Why thank you… and I’m so very glad to have a creator opinion on this topic. Thank you for your comment, very much. ❤

  7. I have alot of friends in sl with the anti inspect shield and it bugs the mess out of me. I really do hate and never see the purpose of it. I have been asked why I do have one and I just say I’m not going to pay for something so useless (I already do that enough lol).The only reason I know they buy it is for protecting their style lol. If anyone asks me where I got my outfit I will tell them and even give out the lm because there is no point in hiding it plus it helps out the store.

    • Valid point, agreed 100%. Tell your friends about derender, maybe they can save themselves the trouble of that pesky orb ❤

  8. Your Blog is the most hillarious and stylish I have seen in a long time. AMEN sister roflol.
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    Thank you for featuring Bax Coen Boots.

    SJ Loon
    Bax Coen Ambasasador

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