Join Me Under…

Join Me Under...

... the mistletoe!

Ok my kiddies <3.  I’ve been a tad under the weather, and busy trying to get going for Christmas.  I’m a bit hopped up on Benadryl and a various cocktail of medicines, but I figure, I’ve been slacking so I should get a post out to you guys.  Hope you enjoy.

Join Me Under...

Its a simple holiday look, really built around this little hat, and these amazing shoes.  The shoes are from [ATOMIC], they are fully sculpted – even the socks.  They come in multiple colors, and each has a HUD to change the color for the bow, and the socks.  I do love them indeed, cute lil wedges that steal my heart <3.  I saw this headband, wandering the grid weeks ago, and if you are in Fashion Emergency, you may have heard my frantic calls for it.  I finally found it at *MF* and while, some prims are a bit… primitive…it really is quite adorable!  Its modifiable, so I was able to shade it to the colors of my liking, making the headband match my shoes and bow tie.  Did someone say… bow tie?! Zomg… Adjunct, is simply splendiferous… the shop never ceases to amaze me.  I grabbed up the white bow tie, so I can modify it to the color of my choosing, definitely a worthy use of my pixel wallet.  While I was grabbing the shoes at [ATOMIC], I picked up this dress, the green is just perfect, not too bright, and the polka dots, add just the touch I was going for.  It comes in several colors, all with a solid, and dotted version.  Grabbed the shrug at {SMS}, so my arms didn’t freeze off… (that would not be fun) and threw on some stockings from the dark corners of my inventory (Kitties Lair).  The hair is a recent release from [Shag], and is just plain perfect for that piggy look.  And voila, it all, comes together in the end.  Chaotic and all mine <3.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: [Shag] – Chrissy Snow – black

Headband: *MF* Mistletoe

Skin: :GP: Acorn [Dark] Elf-Happy Holidays

Jacket (With Brooch): {SMS} Leather Shrug Black

Bow Tie: Adjunct Classic Bowtie – Solid Color – White

Dress: [ATOMIC] Fluffy Dress – Forest

Stockings: *KL* Seamed Pantyhose Silky Shine Black

Shoes: [ATOMIC] Dolled Up – Black


~ by fashionhoard on December 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Join Me Under…”

  1. Why are you so adorable?

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