Bargain Season!

So Cold

Bargain Season

It’s cold again here!  Like, layers and scarves, and gloves, and thick jackets cold.  Now of course to me, thats like 45, but still, COLD.  I’ve been running around in this outfit for a couple of days, and finally here I am, sitting down, to blog it.  I still look at it and go … awwwweeee!  So, it might be hard to get me to change, yikes!  Makes this job a little difficult.  But anyhow, here we are, and I hope you guys ❤ it as much as I do.

So Cold 2I’ll start with the 3 most fabulous buys of the look!  First… I LOVE THESE BOOTS from Americamura moal-E!!!! And… not only do I love them, I ADORE the price tag.  A mere 10L… thats Ten, I didnt forget any 0’s… 10L buys them, and… If the price doesn’t convince you… they are color change!  Scripted! Woot!  I tped all my fashion friendly buddies to grab a pair.  The pipe in my mouth from Adjunct, blows…. not smoke, but, BUBBLES!  Oh oh oh it’s so fun!  And so free!  It comes with this white and pink version, as well as a brown and orange version.  I also made them buy these. The third item, you can’t literally see in the photo, but I know it’s there, and once I tell you, you will too.  An absofrigginlutely free Sick AO from Creative Insanity.  Your av will sneeze, shiver, fold, frown, and topple its way through the grid just like it has a little cold bug!  I ❤ it so hard!  Another buy worth mentioning is this necklace from Dahlinks… while this color is not free, there is a free version (rainbow color) as a group gift, go take a look!

After I grabbed up all these goods, I put together the look.  I added this new hair, a joint project between Reek and Tiny Bird, as well as the mittens from Reek, tossed on this fabulous sweater jacket from Modd.G over my basic unisex V from Pig, and slipped into this flowy tweed skirt from {SMS}.  These glasses from DUBOO, are adorable, and easy to match (also cheap!), they really bring out the rosiness of my favorite new skin, from the Winter 2 collection from Curio.

You might notice the giant cup of hot coco I’m sitting on/standing next to in my photos.  It’s an old noob creation of mine, and you are welcome to it.  It’s just a simple piecing together, with 3 anims built-in, and a color change script,  but it’s perfect for the chilly weather.  Send me an IM in world and I’ll pass you a copy. It has marshmallows! ❤

What I’m Wearing:

Hat/Hair: Tiny Bird & Reek – Merritt’s Hatt for Girls – Blacks Pack

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Winter-Cozy 2

Glasses: DUBOO*M&M glasses

Pipe: Adjunct – Argyle Piple (Girlz) BUBBLES

Jacket: Modd.G Leigh Jacket – Black

Shirt: Pig – Unisex V-Neck – White T

Necklace: (Dahlinks) Love Potions # 9 Pendant –  Cynful Crystal

Gloves: Reek – Cozy Mittens – White

Skirt: {SMS} Sorrow Skirt Grey

Boots: PonPon Knit Boots


~ by fashionhoard on December 17, 2009.

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