GeEs Design – Skin Review

Oh my oh my! My first skin review.  Took me a while, and I’m sure it could use some work, but… Here ya go!

GeEs Design - Tara Australia Full Body

GeEs Design – Tara Australia Full Body

When Gandalf Edman  of GeEs Design dropped these skins on me, I got a tad nervous.  Skin reviews… whew, you see them all over, and they can really be rough, and they can really be sugar-coated.  I try to aim for middle ground.  I’ll give you an honest opinion on the skins, and you can go from there.  Remember, on your shape, they will look completely different, so run by and try a demo first, see what you think.

The skins, Tara Australia, come with 9 makeup choices, ranging from au natural to dark and dreamy.  Each makeup choice, comes with a gloss and non gloss lip version AS WELL AS a pubic hair, and no pubic hair version.  There is also an optional undershirt layer – cleavage enhancer, for that va va voom look.  Take a look here:

GeEs Design - Gloss vs NonGloss & Cleavage vs. No Cleavage

GeEs Design – Gloss vs NonGloss ; No Cleavage vs. Cleavage

GeEs Design - Tara Australia Makeup Options

GeEs Design – Tara Australia Makeup Options

As you can see, there is plenty of variety in the makeup options.  The gloss option adds just the slightest hint of shine to the lips, I could have taken a bit more of a difference, but this is still absolutely acceptable.  After all, they didn’t have to include that option at all did they?  As for seems, I saw the tiniest hint (and I mean TINY) of one at the abdomen, but found no others visible.  The eyebrows bother me most of all on the skin, while the brow base they gave made them incredibly too thin for my taste, I wound up wearing an old obscene brow base to make them more to my liking.  This is just personal preference though, and thin brows look great on many avs… just not so much mine.  Also, if you are a private part enthusiast, the vagina on these skins is surprisingly lacking detail.  While I’m not one to flaunt my naked bits, this doesn’t have much effect on me, but to some of you it may.  The nipples however, are very nice, not over contrasted, and pretty realistic looking.  I also love that the skin has definition but is not OVERLY shaded.

What I love about these skins, is their almost middle eastern/indian look.  I know that isn’t what the designer was going for, obviously, since they are titled Australia, and each makeup is named for a different city there in… but still, I see definite easternesqueness.  I see this skin looking wonderful on a petite shape and I TRIED to mod mine to resemble this.  When I paired the skins with some jewelry and clothing from Zaara, it really made a fabulous look, here’s a thumbnail of a photo I did with that:

GeEs Design & Zaara

GeEs Design & Zaara

All in all, I can honestly say I would wear these skins.  Those of you who know me, know I am INCREDIBLY skin picky, so that says a lot.  I found very few flaws, and the ones I did are easily worked around.  At just 800L a skin or 2499L for ALL of them, it isn’t a huge investment for a little variety in your collection.


❤ you all.


Visit Zaara Here (Bikini, Earrings, Henna hand tattoos, bindi)

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