All the trimmings!

All the trimmings

All the trimmings!

What a weekend!  In honor of my escapades for this weekend, I’ve put together a little look.  This weekend, I chopped down my christmas tree! And decorated it to a T!  Soon as I find my camera, I’ll be sure to upload a photo of my gorgeous Victoria (that’s her name – she’s a Victoria Pine).  Also, I got myself a baby rosemary tree, her name appropriately, is Rose, shes decorated too!

All the trimmings! 2I tossed on some of my warmest winter wear for the occasion, and decked myself with this detailed tree, free from AM Radio’s The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart Sim, visit it now, AMAZING! The axe on my hip, is also an AM Radio creation, free on the sim.  This man knows how to build, that’s for sure.  As for myself, at least I know how to put it all together, lol.  The santa hat, complete with built-in hair, is new from Surf Co.  The hat is retexturable, individually, the rim vs. the sock.  Modifiable, and easy to fit, as well as tintable for a perfect match, it makes the ideal holiday hair addition.  I also picked up these boots while I was there, the knitted upper part is texture change and tintable too, a perfect example of why I ❤ Surf co.  Sergio Krasopani of SK Designs was awesome enough to drop his newest creation to me, these jeans.  I love the texture to them, and the strategically placed tears, are modest, but still have that grungy flair.  I love how the rip under my cheek gives just a peek of my Armidi Holiday boxers, a gift during the ’08 holiday season.  Paired with this holiday themed sweater from Artilleri, I have that lumberjackesque feel about me, ha. Sissi put out this Gingerbread Man gift for the season, which fits perfectly between the lips for a little snack while you work.  Topped off with this Kiss My Tail Belt from Catnip, with the clever positioning of its mistletoe, my tree chopping look is complete!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: [SC Hair] Pam (Long + Bangs) – Licorice

Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Snowflake] OO


Gingerbread Man in Mouth: *SiSSi*Gingerbread man ❤

Tree: AM Radio pine

Axe: AM Radio x mas tree axe

Belt: .:-CatniP-:. Kiss My Tail belt

Sweater: /artilleri/ Marius knit sweater *red*

Jeans: :SK Designs: Moloko Jeans

Boxers: Armidi Online – Armidi – Holiday Midrise Boxers – Candycanes

Boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Elsa Boots – Black


~ by fashionhoard on December 14, 2009.

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