When it rains…

When it Rains

...it pours

And man has it been pouring all day!  Cold, and wet… the weather just can’t make up its mind.  To prepare for the wet weather, I took a trip to Surf Co. where Emma Gilmour is having one heck of a sale!  Should still have another day or so, so make sure you run on over and grab up some good stuff.  For a sneak peak at what’s to offer, take a look:

When it Rains 2I meshed together a few key pieces from Surf Co. with some of my faves from other designers for a cute fresh from the farm in wellies look.  Being as how I’m from Texas, it’s an appropriate look I suppose.  I’ve been hungering for a surfside shopping spree for quite some time now, holding myself back was quickly given up on when I heard about this current sale!

Sale @ Surf Co.

Sale @ Surf Co.

“Hey everyone! There’s a 3-day mega sale starting at Surf Co. right noww where all of my newer items (including skins, shoes, clothing, accessories, EVERYTHING) are marked down 50% and all of my older items (the box ads at the far end of the shop) are marked down 75%!!  There are also MORE older items over at my outlet location that have been marked down 75% as well!  This sale ends on Saturday at 12:00PM SLT (in 3 days) so hurry over and don’t miss it!!”

I grabbed up these spectacular wellies first, a little shocked that they weren’t resizable by script, it’s a small price to pay for the fabulous detail and shine…not to mention, they squeak like a rubber duck when I hop around – and those who know me KNOW that is a definite plus!  I slipped this comfy hoody over my head, which comes with a graphic and plain option, also available in an arrangement of sunny shades!  This hoody is the piece that first planted the Surf Co. bug in my head, when I saw it weeks ago, I knew it was just a matter of time before I owned all of them!  The hat was next to don my little head, a faded sun color (also available in MANY other shades) the band is retexturable to multiple colors, and… also tintable, for a flawless match.  The hat comes with this superfantastic straw to decorate your mouth with too, so, added bonus – everyone loves free stuff!  I finished off the Surf Co. collection with these rolled denim shorts, sure to please even the most picky av, they fit just right, and the shading is perfect.

Complimenting my Surf Co. ensemble are these other fantastic items straight to you from the depths of my inventory!  This essential tee from BOOM is a must have.  I grabbed the fatpack long ago, and it’s probably one of the best additions to my inventory yet. The royal one looks great under my hoody to bring out that blue accent.  WWI released these socks a while back, they look great with tons of outfits, and are available in stripes and solids, I slid my pixel toes into the yellow ones.  I love this adorable bracelet from HOOT, in a pack of four colors the blue sky shade is perfect.  These pigs from fri.day complete the look, and… voila! I’m ready to go!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: fri. – Serena – Cynical Black

Hat: [SC] Surf Couture – Straw Cowboy Hat (Unisex) – Sunshine

Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Beach-Surf 2

Straw in my mouth: [SC] Surf Couture – Chewing Wheat (wear me!)

Hoody: [SC] Surf Couture – Vintage Fall Fest Hoodie – Gray

Shirt: *BOOM* Essential T (faded) -royal-

Bracelet: =HooT= Cherry Blossom Bracelet (One Blue Sky)

Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture – Rolled Denim Shorts – Original

Socks: WWI White Boyfriend Garter Socks Yellow

Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Rain Boots – Light Blue


~ by fashionhoard on December 11, 2009.

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  2. Lots of of people talk about this subject but you said really true words!

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