Oh ohhh It’s Magic…


...just a little magic

So yesterday, it snowed here… IN TEXAS!!  Almost all day!  Didn’t stick to the ground, but flurries all over, which is magical in its own sense.  Put me into the christmas spirit, so today, I intend to spend my time decorating my house and Christmas shopping! Yay!  But before I disappear to that alternate grid, RL, I figured I would give you guys a quick post here.  It may not be Christmas themed… but elves are sorta Christmas-sy, so, use your imagination! Yay!

Elvish 2

I just love this look.  It’s very fun, and different for me.  Especially the ears.  I’ve taken a couple simple pieces and accessoized the crud out of them.  I am an attatchment point whore, which is why I LOVE Emerald and its extra points!!  Now, if they could just make it so my glasses don’t appear to be floating 10 feet away to people without emerald, that would be dandy!  Speaking of glasses, these from Duboo are too cute, and.. it’s my new favorite store.  So many glasses! All adorable and hand drawn!  This belt, from END is just fanfriggintastic.  With detailed strings and a texture change buckle piece, it’s one of the cutest, most creative pieces I’ve seen in a while.  Also from END are these simple slide ons, with a few different textures that are changeable independently, they work great for that grunge/punk look.  I grabbed this new hair from !lamb, which, if I may say, is my new favorite hair release from Lamb Bellic.  I love the pomp puff, and simple pony, however without a hair base, it can be a tad difficult to edit, especially if you have a egghead like mine.   These ears, are definitely my feature for today.  I grabbed them after perving my friend Clear Canning of Les Girls… who pulls them off so well.  They have several preset skin tones, and on top of that, can be tinted, so you can pretty much make them match or come close to matching, any skin you like.  Also adjustable, is the size and the color of the piercings and plugs.  The plugs come with several texture options, including the two seen above.  Pulling together the musical theme of the look, I tossed my mix tape necklace from [mpb] on, slid my fingers into my keyboard knuckle ring from KaWaii Jelly (formerly i-Candy), wrapped my wrist in the Action music wristband, and bit into this adorkable pick from Somethin’ in Your Mouth.  The top is a new release from WWI, and the jeans are none other than Urbanity, just like my ears!  I hope you guys enjoy this ensemble as much as I do! <3, latas!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: !lamb. Ghost – Ink

Skin: *League* Skin Medium -Kate- Twilight Hair (BT)

Glasses: DUBOO*zebra glasses

Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Ears[Blacks] – Urbanity (*UB*)

Guitar Pick: Somethin’ In Your Mouth-guitar pick crossbone

Necklace: [mpb] The Mixed Tape – Black // Female Chain

Bracelet: [LeLutka] – Sam Bracelet; *Action UNISEX Wristbands Music

Ring: *i-Candy* – Keyboard 4 Finger Rings (Store now called KaWaii Jelly)

Shirt: WWI Vest Set Black

Pants: *UB* Hated Jeans *tartan gray*

Belt: -END- fret belt part deux

Shoes: -END- slip ons

Tattoos: *Linc* Finger Tapes Dollarbie; WANTED tattoo made by me – IM me or drop a nc in world if you want a copy ❤


~ by fashionhoard on December 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Oh ohhh It’s Magic…”

  1. so THAT’S why your glasses float for me.

  2. yes clear, i have solved the floating accessory mystery… THAT IS WHY… ❤ you

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