Getting Bombed!


Getting Bombed

You know those long lost pieces of your inventory, that you run into by pure strike of luck, and BOOM… brainstorm and inspiration hit, and you find yourself emptying your L account to make the look you have in your head?  Maybe this is just me… am I the only crazy one out there?  Well, regardless, that’s what UBU’s  Bomber hat does to me.  Instant idea factory!

We start it out with this amazing hat hair combo.  With cute tiny piggies poking out of an overstuffed cap, this bomber is one of my favorite pieces.  The hair is changeable between 5 colors, and the hat itself changes textures too.  You can wear just the hat, or the hat hair combo, so guys, it works for you too!  A stop by :Sey adds this superbly sculpted scarf and double busted belt to my inventory, both, also texture change.  A simple tank like this long white one from Calypso (which peeks up at the bum just enough!) goes well with the look.  And these jeans!!! Ohmai, let me tell you, these jeans, I bought them in 2 colors last night, and I know I’ll go back for more.  They fit, perfectly, sculpted well, the texture is just right… they have quickly risen to my MUST WEAR folder.  Once again my UBU Pornstar Lo-tops, make an appearance, versatile, with countless options, a must have for any grunge/punk look, among others.  Now, these glasses… they make me so happy… you have no idea how big my smile is right now, lols… if you zoom on the lens (which is texture change, along with the frames) I have them set with a reflection of animated erotica, yes… you heard me right (also come with solid lenses, city reflections, etc.).  Released a while back from Gritty Kitty, these Honig glasses are definately my favorite Aviators, and should be added to your inventory immediately!  Even if it’s just for the good laughs they supply.  Top it off with this bracelet and necklace from (NS) and the sweatband from Action, and you’ve got a look to die *cough* fly for.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair/Hat: UBU Bomber Hat

Skin: :Curio::GP: Acorn Defeat [Light] Battle Royale-Bad Luck

Tattoo: *SL* Cherry Blossom; *Linc* Finger Tapes Dollarbie

Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Honig Glasses [b]

Shirt: * [CALYPSO GIANO] Long Top – Color – F1

Scarf: :SEY  TieC.-scarf/5textures-Check

Necklace: * (NS) Rosary Chain

Bracelet: * (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Wrist Strap; *Action UNISEX Wristbands Chex

Belt: :sey Deka Logo Belt “LOVE”-textures change-

Pants: *UB* Hated Jeans *gray*

Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops


~ by fashionhoard on November 30, 2009.

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