Craving Comfort

Craving Comfort

Craving Comfort

Some days, I roll out of bed, peel open my eyes, and stumble my way to my dresser, just to pull out, a fresh pair of PJ’s.  These are what I call bum days, we all have them… the days, you just want nothing but relaxation.  Then there are days, you want that comfort… but you can’t go out in PJ’s… those are the over sized sweater comfort days.  This season,  I have those a lot.  When I saw this sweater from Skin Flicks, which, coincidentally matches my favorite over sized sweater in real life, I knew it was meant to be… love at first SLight.

Comforting Clothing

So, as this sweater adorns me … here, at my computer… I’ve put together a look for you … here, on my computer.  When my eyes fell on this shirt from BP, the bulging buttons and tiny little ruffles, I saw endless possibilities, this… being one of them of course.  Paired with my go to trousers from Armidi… just the right hues of heather and hints if silver are brought out.  These funny girl flats from Periquita are one of my favorite pair of fall back shoes here in SL.  They remind me of my favorite pair in RL, which, again, I happen to be wearing as we speak.  Smitten, made this adorable hanging heart pendant YEARS ago… though an oldie, it has been an active part of my inventory ever since!  These Genius glasses from Miel, which I’ve worn for a look of the day before… and will again… are so easily re-textured, re-sized, and fit to any AV, that glasses lovers like myself would be crazy not to own them.  Top it off with this simple chic hair from and you’ve got a comfortable ensemble to grace the grid (or otherwise) in any day!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: fri. – Deena – Cynical Black


Skin: :Curio: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Beach-Crude 2

Shirt: BP* bottan shirts /black

Jacket: Skin Flicks Casy Cascade Sweater Grey

Necklace: SMitten #Black Onyx Heart Necklace Silver (in searching for a SLurl, I discovered SMitten to be missing? If anyone knows a new local or anything, please let me know, Sorry)

Pants: {Gisaci} Journey Tweed Slacks – Gray

Ring: P.C; Times Square Ring – Diamond Unable to get SLurl, Paper Couture)

Shoes: .:Periquita Funny Girl Flats Black:.

Tattoos: *SL* Cherry Blossom


~ by fashionhoard on November 22, 2009.

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