Green With Envy

Green with Envy

Green with Envy

So… you know how sometimes, when you are snooping around through Flickr, or Blogs for that matter… things just scream at you, and you HAVE to have them! We’re talking, take you over, have no choice, how many Linden do I have?, Does it really matter?, I’m buying them! Take you over.  That… is how I felt when my eyes fell on this new dress set from :SK Designs:. Just look at it! These textures are perfect, and you could tie them in to so many different looks.   Available in the Olive and the Crimson hues, I was quick to track and add this to my hoard.  With a fabulous find like this, I can’t just leave you guys not knowing about it, thus comes, my new look of the day.  My first blogworthy humpday (this is where you cheer)!

I never cease to be amazed when designers manage to line their seams up so flawlessly.  You can see here how Sergio Krasopani has done just this.  I’m wearing the shirt and pant layer of this Wyther 2.0 dress, the red arrow points directly to the seam… nothing! Not a hint of skin, no over blurred attempts at blending, not even a painted on belt to hide the obvious line up issues.  Now, I’ve attempted to make clothing, attempted… being the key word!  Therefore, I know first hand how wreck your brain, want to rip out your hair, fight the urge to knock over your monitor frustrating seams can be.  Let me tell you, this dress is made for the OCD fashion conscious SLer like myself!  I added this jacket from none other than AOHARU, these amazingly detailed boots from LAQ and these tights, also from :SK Designs: to complete the look. Cheers!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: >TRUTH< Camilla – night

Skin: :Curio: :GP: Acorn Frex [Dark] June-Grass 2

Earrings: *KL* Large Creoles Nina Silver

Glasses: ETD Accessories: Chic Aviator Sunglasses (Silver Frames)

Tattoos: *SL* Kanji Tattoo 2; *Linc* Finger Tapes Dollarbie (yay for dollarbies!)

Jacket: AOHARU_BT_SafariJacket_Olive (buttons retextured to silver)

Dress: :SK Designs: Wyther 2.0 Outfit (Black) (Comes in Pack with 2 color options!)

Tights: :SK Designs: Leggings Pack (Brown) (Pack of 4 color options!)

Bracelets: *BOOM* Running Bangles (Silver&Black) (And they are modifiable so you can change the colors! woot for that!)

Boots: Laqroki ~ Knee High Boots – Olive ( A steal at only $L 350)


~ by fashionhoard on November 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Green With Envy”

  1. NOM! Great look 😀 I got such a jacket iRL! 😀

  2. Now I REALLY am green with envy…. I want!

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